How We Got Here

In the past, policymakers in Montana adopted a failed strategy of cutting taxes for special interests, leaving the state with inadequate funding for quality schools, health care, and services for families and children. These actions have taken a toll on our communities.

For too long, policies and systems have not worked for everyone. A history of systemic racism in addition to modern day discriminatory practices erected barriers that prevent Black, Indigenous, and People of Color from building the best futures for themselves. Everyone in Montana should be able to afford basic necessities, like a stable place to call home, reliable, quality child care, and food for their children—no exceptions.

We can and must do better. It is time for Montana to chart a new course for a brighter future.

On the Horizon

To rebuild Montana into a new and better place, one where we can all live, work, and enjoy all that Big Sky Country has to offer, we must put people first. We must invest in good jobs for a modern economy, affordable health care, quality education, and a safe environment so Montana families are stable. We need strong communities that have what they need to not just survive the hard times but to come out on the other side and begin to thrive.

Big Sky Brighter Future is a bold agenda to rebuild our state. It provides policymakers with a clear course to prioritize Montana’s families and children in policymaking and budget decisions. This agenda was built with input from dozens of nonprofit organizations, advocates, and experts to create a vision that will set Montana on a better course. This plan has concrete policy proposals to strengthen families, boost workers, educate for our future, build resilient communities, and create a tax code that works for everyone while paying for the new investments Montana families need and deserve—now more than ever.

Big Sky Brighter Future is charting a clear course for lawmakers to make this vision a reality. There’s a better Montana on the horizon, and we know how to get there.

Big Sky Brighter Future is a project of the Montana Budget & Policy Center.